Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, my name is Jan, a.k.a. “Lilmzchief”.

I appear to be your typical girl-next-door.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  But let’s go further than skin deep and see for yourself that I’m anything but typical.

I’m a very active individual. I work full-time as a web-developer who happens to also have a marketing/sales background.  I’m also in the verge of completing my Public Relations/Marketing degree. Yes, that’s right. I’m also a full-time student.  Because of my web development skills, I happen to also be a freelancer.  And to top it off, I’m a figure athlete.

And so, I wondered to myself how can I help my fellow females who’s looking for a solution in their busy lives.  Well, taking a peek from my life, you can see that I qualify as a busy person.  But with all of the craziness that life happens to throw around, how can you fit fitness in?

Well, let me confess something to you.  I just competed not too long ago.  It was my “experiment” competition. Meaning I’ve been experimenting with what the trainers would normally tell you and come up with alternatives.  For example, getting your nails done.  I found out that by just purchasing nail tabs from Publix and making sure that you apply a generous amount of nail glue, you end up with professional results for a fraction of the price of going to the salon.  I did it this way because I just wanted to take off the nails right after the show.  Um… well… I still have them on.  They just won’t get out.  So if you think that you won’t have the same quality as the salon, might be a good time to think again.  Next time, I’ll prob go for ones with more ***bling*** if I’m going to be stuck with these for some time.

Oh man, so let’s get back on track… well after the competition, I’ve been a very naughty girl and have been eating junk food.  And when you eat “clean” which means no junk food what-so-ever, you blow up like a big balloon.  Um, I gained 20 lbs in 4 days. Yeah…. it IS possible.

Well, funny thing is, instead of being mad at myself, I sought it out as an opportunity to help others see how easy it is to shed of weight if you just get the proper nutrition, exercise, AND rest.  And how to do that? By blogging about everything.  Yes, that means a peek into my nutrition plan, exercises, and thoughts along the way.  I want to compete again in Oct. Making this blog at least 12 weeks out.  That’s a good amount of time to get lean and shine on the stage.

So are you ready? Stay tuned!


I <3 comments! So please leave me your thoughts and it would make my day :)

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