Got Beans?

I woke up this morning feeling really great ^.^   I gave myself 1 more hour of sleep time so I can at least have 6 hours in.  With yesterday’s workouts, I really needed it.

Yesterday’s workout includes hitting the quads/hamstrings/glutes:

  • 10 mins. warmup on the stepper
  • Leg extension
  • Weighted one-legged step-ups
  • Split Squat (Bulgarian split squat)
  • Weighted wide squat
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Dumbbell Deadlifts
  • Leg Curl with one-legged negatives
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Forward Lunges

Cardio: 20 mins on the Step Mill and 20 mins on treadmill @ 15% incline.

Afterwards, I headed home to work on a website project til past midnight.

Today’s meals include beans.  I bought 2lbs of dried beans on my last trip to Canada.  I felt bad that I never got to eat them.  So, I decided to start cooking them.  Found out that cooking the beans in the crock pot makes for a lot of meals to come.  They come out just right – not too soft, not too hard 🙂

Have you ever check out the benefits of beans?  I finally did today. I’ll be putting beans in my nutrition now that I found out the ample of benefits they give!  According to Rob Poulos, CEO & Founder of Zero to Hero Fitness, beans have more than 115% of the daily value of fiber in only a cup of black beans which allows them to satisfy your appetite while burning fat. Moreover, they’re packed with protein.  There are more than 40 grams of protein in 1 cup of beans. Not bad huh? Especially beneficial if you’re leaning out!

Beans, black beans in particular, have antioxidant properties that have can reduce your risk of many types of cancer. Strangely enough, beans have been the most successful reducing risk of colon cancer. Another health benefit of beans is their ability to help you fight illnesses, again through the many antioxidants consumed in a serving of beans.

Even though beans are packed with protein, beans are also complex carbohydrates. Therefore, take this into account if you have to hit a certain macro. Did you know that beans are under “resistant starch”?  Resistant starches goes through the small intestine and into the large intestine without being digested.  Here’s a great article to look into:

Here’s a few bean meals to try:

Tasty 3-Bean Chili
Combine black, pinto and kidney beans with crushed tomatoes, chili powder, garlic and onion

Black Bean Tacos/Salad
Warm black beans, corn and scallions. Place inside small corn tortilla shells and top with fat free sour cream and tomatoes for black bean tacos. Or lay on a bed of lettuce for a lower calorie alternative.

Delicious Hummus Dip
Combine garbanzo beans, garlic, ½ roasted red pepper, tahini and olive oil for a fat burning hummus. Use carrots, celery and bell peppers to dip.


I <3 comments! So please leave me your thoughts and it would make my day :)

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