Mango Galore

On the way to the gym early this morning, I noticed the moon brightly shining on my left and the sun rising on my right. It’s almost like the entire day painted on the canvas all at the same time.  What a treat to witness such spectacle. Or probably it’s happened before but I just never noticed.

This morning started out doing 60 mins. of cardio in the treadmill with different inclines.  The machine goes from -3 all the way to 30.  -3 hits the glutes and the inclines help out with the hamstrings.

Yesterday’s workout concentrated on shoulders and triceps:

  • Warmup – 10 mins of Elliptical Machine
  • Cable Front Raise
  • Cable Lat Raise
  • Cable Rear Delt Pull
  • Standing Military Press
  • Dumbbell Lat Raise
  • Rear Delt Flys
  • Seated Rear Delt Lateral Raise
  • Dumbbell Front Raise
  • Dumbbell Upright Row
  • Dumbbell Kickbacks
  • Triceps Extension
  • Triceps Pushdown

Cardio: 60 mins on the Stepmill

Found a calculator that calculates the carbohydrate, protein, and fat ratios for a given daily Calorie amount: Personally, I’ve concentrated on getting my macro-nutrition in without much consideration for caloric intake.  However, as one can argue that if you know what your macro is, you know how much calories you’re eating as well.  Which is true.  However, I’d rather figure out that I ate my 140g of Protein in the day rather than figuring out if I hit my 1200th caloric mark yet.

I love mangoes.  It’s true. I remember how my mom would end up with only half of the mangoes of what she initially thought because I’ll keep eating some of the pieces while she sliced them up.  Since I was making a mango dessert, I looked up the nutritional benefits of this yummy fruit:

According to, mangoes prevents cancer, lowers cholesterol, clears the skin, promotes eye health, alkalizes the whole body, and helps with diabetes.  Moreover, it improves sex, improves digestion, remedy for heat stroke, and boosts the immune system.  Not bad, huh?

Here are some fun facts and trivia regarding mangoes:

  • According to some, more mangoes are eaten fresh than any other fruit in the world.
  • Originated 4,000 plus years ago.
  • Biologically a close relative with other flowering plants like cashew and pistachio.
  • Originated in sub-Himalayan plains.
  • In India where they are most heavily grown and eaten, mangoes are known as “safeda.”
  • There are over 1,000 different varieties of mangoes.

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