This morning was really tough.  I set my alarm clock to wake me up at 4 am so I can be at the gym by 6 to do an hour of cardio. But alas, the lack of sleep from the last few days finally got to me and I didn’t wake up til 8 am.  😦 Not only was not able to go to the gym to do my 60 mins of cardio, I’m also running late for work. Well, I’m not letting a slow start of the day kill the rest of the day. So everything else will follow as planned.  Now just have to take the 60 mins from the morning and add it to tonight’s cardio-fest session after weight training.

Yesterday was my rest day.  Therefore, no weight training to report.

I was invited over for dinner last night.  We each got an opportunity to make our very own pizzas!  Who knew that wheat pizza can taste so good???

ANDDDDD THANK YOU INFINITE LABS!!! Yes, got my Infinite Labs stack last night from my mailbox AND a shirt to boot.  Um, so does this mean I don’t have an excuse not to sleep? 😉


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