Infinite Lab’s I Am Juggernaut Challenge Introduction

Yes, I did it. Last night, I signed up for Infinite LabsI Am Juggernaut Challenge.  And this morning, I sent over my confirmation email for my purchase. I ordered Juggernaut Raspberry Lemonade and Infinite Force Grape. I’ve been wanting to try Infinite Force for a very long time. I’m psyched to get it!!! I’ve also heard so much great reviews on the Juggernaut Raspberry Lemonade. Can’t wait to try it!!!I’m so excited!!!

And so, lilmzchief is back 🙂  Well, let me backtrack first and introduce myself to those who do not know me yet.

I’m Jan a.k.a. lilmzchief.  I’m a very active individual who always opt for more adventures and challenges. My life is filled with non-stop action as a web developer/designer/internet marketer, full-time student, freelancer, and figure athlete. I love to spend time with friends and family so I make sure to put them in my schedule as well. Priorities, you know?

I completed the 12-week challenge for Infinite LabsI Am Juggernaut Challenge in June.  And since 12 weeks was not enough, I signed up again for another round. 🙂  I absolutely love the Juggernaut Nation because it made prep time for my first show of the season so much fun.  And I can see the difference between my experience between the first and second show of how much impact the Juggernaut Challenge have given me.

I stayed active within the Juggernaut Nation mainly through the Facebook channel.  I posted in my log,Lilmzchief’s I AM Juggernaut Log, joined J-Force, member of Fantastic 4, and just having fun with fellow Juggernauts.

For this round, I’m exactly 11 weeks out from my final show of the season, the NPC Seminole Classic 2012. It’s a local show in Winter Springs. My main focus is making my back and mid section tighter. Still have to keep working on my shoulder caps as well. I also want to make sure that I finally complete my final exam for ISSA so I can officially be certified.

Well, let’s begin the CHALLENGE shall we?


I <3 comments! So please leave me your thoughts and it would make my day :)

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