Super Saturday

Earlier in the week, I didn’t have plans for Saturday. And yet by the time Saturday came, it became an action-packed adventure.

It started with a 30 mins. fasted cardio around my neighborhood.  I noticed that my hardwork is finally coming around.  My body wants to do more – sprint more, longer, and faster.  Then I came home to get myself ready to head over to training.  Packed my meals for the entire day in my cooler and ate breakfast before dashing out.

It’s back/hamstrings/glute training day:
Dumbbell Backrows 30/35/40/45
Leg Curls 40/50/50/40-30
1/2 + Full Leg Curls 40/40/30/30
Rear Delt Flys 60/60/60/60
Romanian Deadlifts 65/75/75
Stiff-legged Deadlifts 65/65/65

Right after training, I went to join my friends to go indoor rock climbing.  It was tricky trying to get a good grip on the rocks because my fingers were fatigued from the weights.  But I wasn’t allowed to come down til I finished. And it worked. I finished each one I started 🙂

After a quick carwash, I headed off to Gold’s gym for a training with the Original Juggernaut, Joe SWAT.  Even though I already trained for the day, NO WAY am I going to miss out on this opportunity!!!  We made videos of exercises to show other Juggernauts on how some shoulder and calf exercise variations and to train them properly.  Can’t wait to upload the videos!!!  And to top it off, I challenge myself to do the 400lbs calf presses that Joe was doing. And AMAZINGLY, I DID IT!!!!  Here’s a sneak peak:

Now, it was time to do some movie evaluations. Check back for the videos again soon!!!

Meal #1: Eggs, Chicken, Oatmeal
Meal #2: Whey, oatmeal, cinnamon, coconut oil
Meal #3: Fish, coconut and rice cake
Meal #4: Fish and spinach
Meal #5: Eggs, rice cake and spinach
Meal #6: Fish and green beans
Pre-Work: Juggernaut HP Pink Lemonade and Juggernaut Raspberry Lemonade
Supplements: Infinite Lab’s Carnatine MTX, Phenyl-Core, and Cyclo REM
Carbs: 55g
Protein: 140 g
Fats: 28g


I <3 comments! So please leave me your thoughts and it would make my day :)

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