Rest Day Sunday

Stopped by Downtown Disney and spent time with my brother and his girlfriend.  And of course, need to stop by my favorite store, The Lego Store!!!  Always make me reminescense the days when I opted to build blocks over playing house.  Then we ended up watching Ice Age. It’s a funny movie but I think my body was so exhausted from Sat that it took the opportunity of me just sitting down as a way to make me go ZzzzzzzzZZZZZzzz. Caught the last half though 🙂

Afterwards, I headed to the gym to do the 120 mins of cardio that I said I would for Nike’s “Find Your Greatest” event.  This event is meant to encourage individuals to be more active and do what they don’t normally do.  Since I already went all out the day before, I have to find something that’s doable yet challenging. Burned more than 1000+ calories.  SCORE!!!  No worries, I made sure to take a lot of BCAA and eat a lot of protein 😉

Meal #1: Egg white omlette with chicken, mushroom, spinach, and onions
Meal #2: Chicken, avocado, and brown rice
Meal #3: Chicken and spinach
Meal #4: Chicken, green beans, and couscous
Meal #5: Eggs and green beans
Meal #6: Eggs and green beans
Pre-workout: Juggernaut Raspberry Lemonade
Supplements: Infinite Force, Carnatine MTX, Phenyl-Core, and Cyclo REM
Carbs: 55g
Protein: 158g
Fats: 28g

The announcement of the winners of the I Am Juggernaut Challenge is the next day. Who would be able to sleep with that in mind???!!!

Here’s the video the training video for shoulders:

Shoulder training with the Original Juggernaut, Joe Palumbo (a.k.a. Joe SWAT)


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