Why SO Serious???

As I was getting ready to head out to work after a fasted AM cardio, I had a huge smile in my face and feeling very relieved that I prepared my week’s worth of meals and clothes yesterday. Then a conversation I had to with someone went through my head – “You make life seem so easy that people don’t think how much hard work you put into it.” It amazes me that anyone would think that I got it easy since I have such huge hurdles to jump through, forces that have set me back, and cuts and bruises that I proudly show off.  My optimistic views are not always embraced. But I have to finally admit that it works for me. So next time, I’ll be quicker with my remark – “I work very very hard to make life seem easy because everyone already knows how hard life is.  And that’s not going to allow me to inspire someone else to be better.”

This weekend has been action-packed.  Which made me appreciate that Sunday was a day to help me preparing for the entire week and has been a little bit more relaxed.  I rushed to posing practice last Friday, missing out on the information about figure.  However, I decided to stay after the seminar and ended up with a 1-on-1 with the judges to see how I can improve my poses.  Cat has been really great in making me believe in myself and look into “being myself” on stage.

After the clinic, I bumped into bodybuilding champion, Don Long. He’s currently a coach and a few of his athletes are competing for the show.  Admittedly, I’m still rather new in the world of bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and bikini. So I didn’t recognize him. However, he did sit down to give me some advice on how to improved. It’s always refreshing to know that people within the sport look out for each other.  Well, as I say knowledge is powerful but if knowledge is put into action, you get results. So I was excited to make use of his advice.

It was great to see so many athletes getting ready to compete so early in the morning.  I volunteered to and was assigned to help out the girls do some touchups at the back. But ended up floating around, asking everyone if they needed help.  So ended up handing flyers, helping girls put on makeup, grease up a few competitors, helped separate general admission from VIP, ran around looking for ice for one of the athletes who had a dumbbell drop on her toe, and calming down a couple of athletes about getting on stage.  I having the opportunity to develop new friendships, cheering the hard work everyone has done for a few weeks, and congratulating the winners. Moreover, I also got to meet Keith, Jessie, Jonny, and IFBB Pro Candice Keene in person. And of course, cheer for Hope and Ty.

Infinite Labs must have done a great job promoting since I had a few athletes stop me to talk about how they’ve used Juggernaut. I got excited talking to some people about the Juggernaut Challenge. I hope they’ll sign up and get involved too!!!

Apart from food and clothes preparation day, Sunday was also grocery shopping, training, and cleaning day.

The biggest advantage of having such a busy life is that it doesn’t give much room to think up of ways how everything can go wrong but rather think up on how to get everything to flow together and get the results that’s needed.  Life’s too short to be serious all the time. Maybe I should turn this question around and ask, what do you do that you should be serious all the time? Probably not much.

Backstage with Hope Trask



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