Physical vs. Mental

Whew, talk about being mentally drained.  Recently, the responsibilities of our graphic designer were added to my daily duties at work.  Moreover, I must quickly learn new skills that envelop printing in which I have minimal exposure in. I do not shirk in having the opportunity to learn.  However, when I have to meet deadlines for a huge project and scattered little projects that needs to be completed soon, the additions leave me overwhelmed.

Taking a step back, I can at least see the humor in my situation.  I have been known to be able to carry through high intensity training at the gym.  And yet at the end of the night, I feel exhilarated that I have gone through whereas most would have quit.  In other words, I can handle being physically drained better than being mentally drained.

Working for 11 hours straight with only 20 mins. of rest time to rush to the bank and come back before I receive any new visitors in my office created a mere dent in the duration of the day.  Thank goodness that I have my meals on hand and a timer to remind me of my intervals or else I’ll be skipping meals too.

After work, I still had assignments to hand in for class.  So I quickly wrote my discussion posts, commented on my fellow classmates’ posts, and handed in my class introduction.  I was not very happy at this point to find out that I also had a paper to hand in.

It was already 8:30 by the time I left to get to the gym. Much to my dismay, I was told that I’m not working out enough and have to be stricter on my diet.  Which I must admit have sent me to the edge a bit since I felt that I didn’t need to have someone looking over my shoulder every step of the way to make sure that I’m doing what I have to do. I know that I’ve been doing my workouts 6x a week and been on top of nutrition.  I had to tell myself, “You know what? You know what you had to do. And you did.  That’s the only person that you need to report to.”

I received a message from someone who was ranting on how they felt that girls with 6-pack is too “manly” and that they must be taking steroids.  I explained to her that through proper diet and exercise, she can too have a six-pack.  However, it is unfair to be making fun of others who have different preferences on how they would like to look like.  She inquired if I felt discouraged if someone did cheat in the sport.  Into which my reply became, “that just makes the prize that much sweeter if I won without cheating.”

Another conversation with someone else also populated in my thoughts during my drive.  I was amazed to find out that the individual who won overall in one of the divisions is employed in my gym.  When one of the staff members came by, I asked if the overall trophy belongs to one of the other staff members.  To this question, he said, “Yes. But you know what? I can do that too. I just don’t want to. I don’t have time to be doing all that he’s been doing and have to be strict on a diet? No way.” I replied to him that he’s talking about someone who is my kind – who’s been dedicated, passionate, and disciplined.

“Just because you cannot do the same, do not curse at someone else who would do what s needed to win that trophy.  You may not want to do a show and be openly criticized on stage, have to be compared with every other person who worked hard in their physique and nutrition. However, their work is nothing less than admirable. You too can do what they’ve done. But, it does require dedication, discipline, and motivation from your part. “

I can be cut-throat sometimes. It is especially shocking when I’m normally agreeable.  However, the negativity that others assess towards athletes in the sport can get into my skin from time to time.

Sometimes, it’s very challenging being an extrovert since your motivation is normally derived from external factors.  It has its pros and cons.  And the biggest con is when you had too much dose of negativity, you’ve taken a hard hit.  It’s an even faster route of being mentally drained.

I started my ab workout last night. However, I succumbed into my loss of concentration.  I’ve been utilizing the hold and squeeze methods to give me the results that I need.  So after 30 mins, I finally just went home.

Well, after a much-needed rest, I came back to the gym this morning to finish off my ab workout and had a fasted AM cardio. Look out world! Lilmzchief is finally awake again 🙂

A quick, delicious way of eating spinach: sauté spinach, thinly sliced red onions, and chopped pepperocini in a medium-sized sauce pan.  Sprinkle with Bragg Organic Sprinkle Seasoning (doesn’t have salt). Enjoy!

Sauteed Spinach


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