New Transformation Coming Right Up

I’m super excited. More than ever, I want to focus now in leaning out and get into gear to get my new transformation for this season.  I’ve built up in some areas in my body and now time to shed off the excess and reveal the new me.  I’ll be asking IFBB Pro Joe Palumbo to help me out to see what I look like the next 90 days to get prepped for a show.  He’s been good at giving out great advice and and has helped me get tips to do my exercises in the past correctly.   He’s helped out numerous other competitors, train individuals in crossfit, and trained groups in the police and military.  The coolest part is as an Infinite Labs pro athlete, he has a question and answer forum in to answer anyone’s questions:  Well, as it may, I’ll be seeking to see if Joe can help me out with his in-depth knowledge.  🙂


I <3 comments! So please leave me your thoughts and it would make my day :)

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