Day 3 – 2014 New Transformation

You can Either Make Exuses or Make It HappenMom told me in the last-minute that it’s my little cousin’s birthday.  Since I haven’t seen her since she was in Philippines for a few months, I just had to make the time.  So right after work, I catapulted to the other side of town and stopped by the Gold’s Gym in St. Cloud.  I knew I had only 45 mins to spare so I did my 35 mins cardio.  15% include @ 3mph. I was really surprised that the machine said I burned off 495 calories.  I’ve always been doubtful on how accurate those readers are but at the same time, I noticed that even at a steady-state, you can really burn quite a bit at an incline.

Right after spending some time with the family, I headed to the gym again for strength training.  Today’s the first day of my new split so it’s back and calves.  I’ve mainly concentrated on lats this time:

10 mins. warmup on the elliptical
Warmup set:
4 sets of Stiff-legged Morning Glories @ 12 reps

4 sets of Wide-grip Lat Pull-Down @ 12 reps
4 sets of Narrow-grip Pull-Down @ 15 reps

4 sets of One-arm Lat Pull Down @ 15 reps
4 sets of Wide-grip Backrows @ 12 reps
3 sets of T-Bar @ 10 reps

3 sets of Face Pull-Back @ 20 reps
3 sets of Stiff-Arm Pull-Down @ 20 reps

All-in-all it’s a great workout day 🙂 Even with family-time, managed to go around it and made time to get it done 😉


I <3 comments! So please leave me your thoughts and it would make my day :)

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