Colorado Vacation Contemplation

It’s only 7:30 am here in Breckinridge, CO, where the past few days have been packed with a lot of fun. We are staying here til Jan 2nd so there are more adventures ahead of us. However, I can’t help but pause for a moment and admire the Rocky beauty that surrounds the area.


The house we are staying in itself has a beauty of its own. It has such a homey feeling that one cannot help but feel warm and safe inside.


I’ve been wanting to stay someplace with a fireplace and ho and behold, there are two.


The living room, dining area, and kitchen are merged together, leaving a wide open space. Furthermore, the views from the windows reveal such a picturesque view.


Although I have a choice where my bedroom would be, I chose the smallest room with the least privacy (the loft) because of the outstanding view from the window.



And I must admit, it has been nice waking up with the moon shining amidst the trees and witnessing the sun rise as it envelopes the entire place with its rays.

A friend and I decided to take a nice short hike from the house while we wait for 2 pm to roll around so we can go snowboarding. We went into an unmarked trail, coming down from a steep hill but we were able to witness such a glorious sight that hardly anyone else in the group was able to experience. It felt that all the hard work of hiking down was worth the trip.


Now the biggest challenge was going up. We were so absorbed of what was in front of us that we didn’t think much about how we are going to get back.


Despite the challenge of going up, we did it without any complaints. We actually had so much energy, that we have taken a different direction and spotted more things to see. Our neighbors had icicles hanging from the roofs of their houses. So I had to just capture them in my pictures.



The house we are staying in is not frequented by too many individuals. Therefore the roads tend to still have snow on top.



And so we kept going and we ended up with this majestic breathtaking scene. The maps that we use for snowboarding finally made sense in front of us. And to our left are the gondolas that we used to get from Peak 8 to Peak 7 and vice versa.







We were definitely both very happy, feeling like we just entered a secret realm.

Well it’s finally 8:22 and the sun finally have risen. I can hear shuffling downstairs as the day begins for many more of us. But let me share these last pics with you.




What a treat to wake up to this first thing in the morning. I think I’ve fallen in love with this place.