Breaaathheeee… NOW GO!

This weekend, I realized that the few weeks I’ve been running on the fast lane has finally burning me out.  My oil needs some changing! So I decided to change the pace for this weekend before I run around again with my head cut off.

I finally got DONE with the first phase of the project I’m working on at work. But that doesn’t mean that I had any time to just chill since my inbox was filled to the brim this morning from this weekend.  Do they not know that I’m ALWAYS off on weekends??? 😛

Last Saturday, I went to watch a friend compete in his very first Strongman competition.  I realized that having a cheering section is VERY important to every athlete. So I try to make sure that I stop by every chance I get to support my friends.  Oh boy, those guys make me want to cower in a little corner when it comes to STRENGTH! Holy cow! I even tried lifting the 500 lbs. frame. AND my arms were about to fall off! I couldn’t even get the frame off the ground! I look like a silly little kid trying to lift a tree.

I was sunburned from being outside the entire day.  Looks like I had a white tattoo of a shirt plastered in my back. Can you say “OUCH”? Thank goodness that it wasn’t blistering!!!

Sunday, I had an opportunity to workout with Infinite Labs’s Elite Athlete, Jessie Ladson.  OMG, the man’s a beast! We were doing chest presses and he was putting on 3 in each side!!! That’s a total of 270lbs O.o for an incline chest press?  He was also doing 160lbs of reverse curls! While me on the meanwhile is doing 110lbs. 😛  I was really happy to have an opportunity to have a great workout partner! Oh, btw, do you know he’s an engineer? We got a lot of SMART people here in the Juggernaut Nation who has brawn AND brain! AWESOME!

Last day for the I Am Juggernaut Challenge is tomorrow! Don’t forget to spread the word around. Everyone needs to have a chance to be able to transform themselves!


Busy? No Stress!

Life has just gotten more interesting lately. I hardly have any room to relax aside to go to sleep. But things have picked up to cater to my more ambitious side.  Currently, I have been working at least 60 hours per week.  I’ve also been using the weekends as times to work on my freelance projects.  Along the way, I have also managed to squeeze in my 6 short essays and 1 long essay that is being required from school per week.  However despite being this busy, I’m more energized to keep going with my figure training and get ready to join my fellow Juggernauts in Vegas.

To assist with my busy schedule, I’ve been using a lot of supersets to assist in making the most out of my training sessions for less amount of time.  I have also been doing touch-up exercises (which means hitting 4 sets of my weak spots right after training and before cardio).  Another technique that Joe SWAT always emphasize is hold and squeeze.  It’s so effective that it’s not even funny. Aside from the training sessions with my trainers, I’ve been concentrating on touching up on my shoulders, back, and abs as of late.

I’ve been liking this super-set lately: Wide-grip pullups and Wide-grip late pull downs. I’ve also been using cable back rows with dumbbell back rows.  Then do a clean-and-press to finish off.

I’ve dropped my diet down to 15g of carbs per meal.  I’ve still been maintaining 140g of protein and 28g of fat.  I don’t what it is about carbs and me.  It makes me bloat so I have to always be careful of when I should be eating them.  Making sure that I drink my gallon of water and getting 6 hours of sleep prove to assist with the bloating.

I’ve been also CRAVING ice cream. MmmMMmmMmmmm…. I think it’s mainly because it’s summer and I love a great cold treat. So to help out with this, I would whip up my Infinite Labs vanilla whey protein and pour it in my popsicle containers for a tasty protein-packed treat. Or I’ll have my Infinite Force slushies that I need to be drinking anyways for recovery. Can we say ahhh….

To also help fuel me, I’ve been using my well-loved Juggernaut HP Pink Lemonade paired with Juggernaut Raspberry Lemonade.  Such a yummy treat to look forward to before a training session! Got to say, it’s been giving me some great results.  My shoulders are starting to shape up!

And of course the best way to beat the stress – laughter.  surround yourself with people who can make you laugh. 🙂


I can finally say it, “I AM JUGGERNAUT!!!”  It took me awhile to realize that I’m looking at my own name in the list of winners for the I Am Juggernaut Challenge – Olympiad Portion.  Then I turned to my co-worker and said, “Hey man, I’m going to Vegas.  Remember the Juggernaut challenge that I keep tell you about? Well, I’m one of the Juggernauts heading to Las Vegas.” Then congratulations came pouring in and I’m starting to wake up from my sleepy state from the weekend’s physical activities.  FINALLY – OMG!!! WOW, DID THIS REALLY JUST HAPPENED?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It took a lot of thank yous from my end to finally come into acceptance. Yep. I’m officially going. This is the reality.  Congrats, lilmzchief. 🙂

Let me tell you, the excitement was overwhelming.  I didn’t know who to answer first and what to say. I’m absolutely floored.  Wow, all of that hard work – training, time doing the logs, helping another Juggernaut, dreaming of creative ideas to post up in my logs, answer questions and comments, entering the Juggernaut contests, promoting my log, talking what Juggernaut is all about, etc. Well, ok, it’s not work. Because I had fun doing it 🙂  But everything did take a lot of time.  Forced me into mastering time management though 😉

Looking back at the old pictures, I came across a pic that I made back in April:

I suppose visualizations really do work.  Well, it did for me anyways.  But I couldn’t do any of this without my fellow Juggernauts 🙂

Now, I’m really excited! Didn’t know how to break it to my manager since we’re in a time crunch already.  Being the only web designer has its pros and cons.  And one of the cons include not having someone else to cover you when you need to take off!  But he gave me permission so no worries in that end.

And so… vegas… here come the JUGGERNAUTS!!!

Las Vegas

Super Saturday

Earlier in the week, I didn’t have plans for Saturday. And yet by the time Saturday came, it became an action-packed adventure.

It started with a 30 mins. fasted cardio around my neighborhood.  I noticed that my hardwork is finally coming around.  My body wants to do more – sprint more, longer, and faster.  Then I came home to get myself ready to head over to training.  Packed my meals for the entire day in my cooler and ate breakfast before dashing out.

It’s back/hamstrings/glute training day:
Dumbbell Backrows 30/35/40/45
Leg Curls 40/50/50/40-30
1/2 + Full Leg Curls 40/40/30/30
Rear Delt Flys 60/60/60/60
Romanian Deadlifts 65/75/75
Stiff-legged Deadlifts 65/65/65

Right after training, I went to join my friends to go indoor rock climbing.  It was tricky trying to get a good grip on the rocks because my fingers were fatigued from the weights.  But I wasn’t allowed to come down til I finished. And it worked. I finished each one I started 🙂

After a quick carwash, I headed off to Gold’s gym for a training with the Original Juggernaut, Joe SWAT.  Even though I already trained for the day, NO WAY am I going to miss out on this opportunity!!!  We made videos of exercises to show other Juggernauts on how some shoulder and calf exercise variations and to train them properly.  Can’t wait to upload the videos!!!  And to top it off, I challenge myself to do the 400lbs calf presses that Joe was doing. And AMAZINGLY, I DID IT!!!!  Here’s a sneak peak:

Now, it was time to do some movie evaluations. Check back for the videos again soon!!!

Meal #1: Eggs, Chicken, Oatmeal
Meal #2: Whey, oatmeal, cinnamon, coconut oil
Meal #3: Fish, coconut and rice cake
Meal #4: Fish and spinach
Meal #5: Eggs, rice cake and spinach
Meal #6: Fish and green beans
Pre-Work: Juggernaut HP Pink Lemonade and Juggernaut Raspberry Lemonade
Supplements: Infinite Lab’s Carnatine MTX, Phenyl-Core, and Cyclo REM
Carbs: 55g
Protein: 140 g
Fats: 28g


This morning was really tough.  I set my alarm clock to wake me up at 4 am so I can be at the gym by 6 to do an hour of cardio. But alas, the lack of sleep from the last few days finally got to me and I didn’t wake up til 8 am.  😦 Not only was not able to go to the gym to do my 60 mins of cardio, I’m also running late for work. Well, I’m not letting a slow start of the day kill the rest of the day. So everything else will follow as planned.  Now just have to take the 60 mins from the morning and add it to tonight’s cardio-fest session after weight training.

Yesterday was my rest day.  Therefore, no weight training to report.

I was invited over for dinner last night.  We each got an opportunity to make our very own pizzas!  Who knew that wheat pizza can taste so good???

ANDDDDD THANK YOU INFINITE LABS!!! Yes, got my Infinite Labs stack last night from my mailbox AND a shirt to boot.  Um, so does this mean I don’t have an excuse not to sleep? 😉